Finix Flex Beta

Future-proof your payments strategy

Flex helps fast-growing software companies start processing payments today while future-proofing their payments strategy. When they’re ready to make the transition to a full payment facilitation model, remain on the same Finix platform to avoid switching costs.

Flex Features:

Seamless: Software companies that start processing on Flex will enjoy a seamless transition to payment facilitation when they’re ready without any merchant or token migrations to manage. Say goodbye to switching costs!

Simple: Get started with a single contract and finish your technical integration in days–not weeks–with minimal PCI scope. Merchant underwriting, transaction monitoring, and chargeback management are handled for you as part of Flex’s suite of automated merchant services. 

Scalable: Start earning revenue now, learn the Finix platform as you grow, and make the jump to become a payment facilitator when you’re ready. With Flex, Finix can grow with you every step of the way as your payments strategy evolves.

Learn how SaaS platforms, ISVs, and VARs are future-proofing their payments strategy by using Finix as their forever payments platform.

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